3 Android Horror Games Best in The World

Android Horror Games - Some games are available in the Google Play store for Android of course provide entertainment that is funny and exciting, but very different from some android games which will be discussed on this occasion ken41. Games that shortly we will discuss is a game that has a scary theme.Game android funny and exciting of course is a common theme we meet and we can easily download at google play store. We will discuss different android game with generally the horror creepy android games, of course, if you like the challenge of some of the best horror android games following mandatory to install on your android gadget. 
3 Android Horror Games Best in The World
Ken41 results of a survey done in some people who have a smartphone operating system Android, it turns out there are many people who like the game themed or horror genre. Of course it is a challenge for us to provide a collection of the best horror game for your android. Here is a list of android horror games for you.

1. Mental Hospital III Lite 

Android games terseram next horror is a horror game with the best theme in 2014 ago. Of course the remnants of the advantages of this game can still be enjoyed today. Survival horror games Mental Hospital III Lite for Android seems still very feasible for you to play.In this game your task is to record video at a mental hospital, this sounds easy does not it? But what happens if the hospital you occupy in this game is quite quiet and very creepy? Intrigued by the Mental Hospital III Lite game, you can get it on google play store.

2. Forest 3D Horror
Scary games next is a game that puts yourself in a very spooky forest. Behind the silence and tranquility of a forest turns in it there is also a lot of terrible mystery.Game play of the game Horror 3D Forest is as much as possible you escape the mysterious figure that makes you tense even though this is just a horror game for Android only. There are some clues that will lead you to complete the mission in the game Horror Forest 3D.

3. Horror Escape 

Horror Game Escape is a creepy game that is made for the android platform notabenenya is a platorm that many users when compared with other platforms. Location Horror Escape game is set in a mental hospital who had long been in use.Many puzzles that you must solve in the game Horror Escape this course will make you curious to complete this game but fear it will also make you feel challenged adrenalinenya. The graphics are pretty good of course will make you feel at home playing this game Escape Horror.
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That is all reviews android horror game that we wish to convey to you. Hope can be the best reference for all of you.

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