3 Android War Strategy Games Best On 2015

Android War Strategy Game - The game world is not going no death, especially now smartphone or gadget android operating system became popular both in Indonesia even in the world. Today many cool games on google play store which can be obtained either for free or well paid.

There are also many genres of games that you can choose for the game in the google play store. This course will make you more pampered by the many options the game. On this occasion we will discuss about a genre of game that of course a lot of people who love the game of war strategy best android.

3 Android War Strategy Games Best On 2015
There are so many war strategy game genre for android google play store, but we will give some Android War Strategy Game best of the best which would make recommendations to your game.

1. Civilization Revolution 2 

Best android game of war strategy that first we will discuss is Civilization Revolution 2 is a game very much in Indonesian users. This is because this war strategy android game is a turn-based strategy game best today.In this game you can choose 16 countries that choice of course as usual, you can build a civilization from antiquity until the current era or modern jama advanced by leaps and bounds. Immediately play the game Civilization Revolution 2 and wake up your civilization to become the nation's most powerful.

2. Great Little War Game 2 

Android games war strategy next best is Great Little War Game 2, which is a turn-based strategy game that is not less popular game Civilization Revolution 2 which is of course a lot of people who play it. In this game you will play as a commander who was assigned to organize the troops during the war on the battlefield. 

Many uniqueness that you can get by playing a game of this best android war strategy. Of course, for people who love the game of war strategy genre will be very interested in the uniqueness that is hidden in this game.

3. Ravenmark: Mercenaries 

One more game android best war strategy with turn-based strategy genre which is very exciting for you to test as a tool to spend your leisure time. You can create a group of combatants and of course you also can battle online with other players. 

Game Ravenmark: Mercenaries have storylines that you will be in Eclisse that has been devastated by the Scarlet Empress cruel ruler. In this game there are 3 big countries at war with each other that is Varishah, Esotre and Estellion.
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Such reviews android war strategy games which we can recommend to you. Hope can be the best reference for you all.

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